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Rain Shadows - Orographic Lifting and Precipitation

Rain Shadows - Orographic Lifting and Precipitation Mountain ranges act as barriers to the flow of air across the surface of the earth, squeezing moisture out of the air. When a parcel of warm air reaches a mountain range, it is lifted up the mountain slope, cooling as it rises. This process is known as orographic lifting and the cooling of the air often results in large clouds, precipitation, and even thunderstorms. The phenomenon of orographic lifting can be witnessed on an almost daily basis during the warm summer days in Californias Central Valley. East of the foothills, large cumulonimbus clouds form every afternoon as the warm valley air rises upslope on the west side of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Throughout the afternoon, the cumulonimbus clouds form the telltale anvil head, signaling the development of a thunderstorm. The early evenings sometimes bring lightning, showers, and hail. The warm valley air lifts, creating instability in the atmosphere and causes thunderstorms, which squeezes the moisture from the air. Rain Shadow Effect As a parcel of air rises up the windward side of a mountain range, it has its moisture squeezed out. Thus, when the air begins to descend the leeward side of the mountain, it is dry. As the cool air descends, it warms and expands, reducing its possibility of precipitation. This is known as the rain shadow effect and is the primary cause of leeward deserts of mountain ranges, such as Californias Death Valley. Orographic lifting is a fascinating process that keeps the windward sides of mountain ranges moist and filled with vegetation but the leeward sides dry and barren.

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Visual rhitoric Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Visual rhitoric - Essay Example Perhaps the most notable modern day company using this advertising approach is Apple, Inc. This essay examines the visual rhetoric behind Apple’s ‘Think different’ print advertisement arguing that it functions as a means of inspiring the consumer and positioning Apple, Inc. as an alternative to other forms of computer technology. The Apple ‘Think different’ print advertisement is one element of a large-scale marketing approach that also included a variety of television advertisements. The advertisement was originally featured in mainstream publications such as Time and Newsweek (Isaacson). One of the reasons I chose this advertisement is because it is an aspect of visual rhetoric that I readily identify with. I find the message inspiring, even while I recognize that it functions as means of capitalizing on my consumer status. In these regards, I am intrigued by its message and means of ‘inspiring’ or perhaps manipulating me into buying Apple, Inc. products. Indeed, Steve Jobs once noted that, â€Å"Life can be much broader once you discover one simple fact, and that is - everything around you that you call life, was made up by people that were no smarter than you. And you can change it, you can influence it, you can build your own things that other people can use† ("YouTube") . Within this advertisement are emotions that engender this perspective and both motivate the consumer towards purchasing Apple products and using them change things. This specific print advertisement, figure 1, is unique in that it is highly minimalistic. As can be seen the advertisement contains a black background with the Apple logo and the phrase ‘Think different’ featured underneath the logo. Still, it’s clear there are a number of complex rhetorical elements at work within this design. The first consideration is the Apple logo itself. This logo has been a part of the Apple corporation since its inception in the early 1980s. In these

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Review Of Article Doing Gender In Cyberspace Essay

Review Of Article Doing Gender In Cyberspace - Essay Example It is easy to understand why Eklund would be interested in understanding the driving forces behind the sexual development of these female or male avatars (as the case may be). The internet and these online games have long been viewed by society as an escape from the real world. It is an alternate universe where they can be the exact opposite of who they are in real life. Ergo, women can be men, men can be women, and queer online relationships can exist where it would be frowned upon in the real world. All of that existing because gender is not one of the foremost concerns when playing the game.Through this study, Eklund was able to prove that gender, sexuality, and identity covers a wider context and meaning in the online gaming world. There are no gender issues here because gender does not exist. The gender of the person is instead determined by the actions that the player takes during gameplay. By doing these movements repeatedly, the natural being is created and-and congealed to m imic the appearance of substance within the avatar. In understanding the context of this belief, it becomes obvious that the writer is insinuating that gender and role development is something that becomes normal for people due to the repetition of various actions and social expectations.These social expectations are carried over by the female players of the game into the virtual reality world of WoW where they create avatar versions of themselves based upon what they believe would be considered as normal in the online world. However, the online world leaves them with certain leeway to experience gender and sexual freedom because of the way that the player can control the avatar movement and interactions. These women players choose to create avatars that they can identify with or in effect, use avatars that best represent who they wish they could be in the real world. [329] It appears that women who play online games using female avatars do so because they feel a sense of empowerment while playing the game. Since nobody is really assured of the actual gender of the person they are playing with or against in WOW women feel that the playing field is leveled and that they are able to play to the best of their abilities and in the process, power up their avatars. [328] Being a gamer myself, I have experienced gender swapping my avatars just to see if I would play any better as a male or female representation of myself. Contrary to what the author's interviews revealed, I realized that using a

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Jack Shepherd Essay Example for Free

Jack Shepherd Essay ABC’s hit television series, Lost, portrays interesting characters. From all walks of life, the characters have one thing in common. They are all stranded on a deserted island somewhere off of the airline’s charted flight course. Forty- eight remaining passengers are thrown together as a result of this terrible plane crash, the literary complication. As the plot continues, they must all try to survive. A few of the survivors are badly injured, a few are hysterical, some are angry, and some are scared. No one appears to know what to do. Jack Shepherd is the protagonist who represents the hero of the pilot episode. Through indirect characterization, the writer presents Jack as a dynamic, round, and fully developed character. Jack Shepherd, as the protagonist, is a take-charge sort of guy who is the natural leader on the island, as illustrated by his actions early on in the episode. He calms a pregnant girl who is traumatized and having contractions, gives mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to an African American woman who has quit breathing, and he rescues, at the very last possible minute, a heavy-set guy and the expectant mother from disaster when he sees the plane collapsing. They are both unaware of the impending danger, and almost in superhero fashion, Jack runs down the beach and rescues them as the plane’s broken wing almost falls on the pair. The author presents him as an unselfish character who takes care of the needs of others first before seeking help for his own wounds. The Jones 02 author gives the viewers a glimpse into Jack’s background through his conversations with Kate, an attractive passenger, who sews up Jack’s wounds with a travel sewing kit. He tells Kate that he is a doctor, which explains his helping of the injured people on the island. Through this conversation, we learn that Jack, almost a superhero is a normal human being. He shows fear and vulnerability by telling Kate the story about the horrible experience that he had with the surgery of the 16-year-old girl. He shows strength by telling Kate his method for dealing with fear. The author is using indirect methods of characterization in presenting Jack’s personality, and doesn’t just tell the viewer about Jack. Through showing the viewer Jacks full range of emotions, the author presents Jack as a round character who is able to push fear aside. This character is the most developed character in the pilot episode. As a fully developed character, we know more (through his conversations and actions in trying to save the injured people), about Jack than we do any other character. His main traits are stability, leadership, and emotional stability in a time of crisis. Jack is a dynamic character who changes based on his experiences. He talks about how he never lets fear take hold of him anymore as he relates the story of the surgery mistake to Kate. He shares his method of dealing with fear, and she later uses that method for herself later in the episode. â€Å"I decided to give into the fear for 5 seconds and I counted 1,2,3,4,5,† (Lost) Because of this experience in the past, he changed. Therefore we can assume that he is a real character with real emotions who is affected by what happens around him. The author never becomes the simple narrator who tells the viewers about Jack. It is left up to the viewer to decide what kind of character he is based on Jack’s actions. This is indirect characterization. The main character traits of this character are caring, control and sense of duty to help others. His emotions are in control. The author or screenwriter reveals this when Jack goes off to himself to examine the situation. The camera pans to a shot where Jack is surveying the situation and catching his breath from all that has just happened. His facial expression reveals that he knows that the group is in serious trouble, but he knows he must remain in control. Jack is a â€Å"thinking† character who actively begins searching for answers. Through a flashback scene, the writer reveals to the audience through Jack’s eyes, the moments before the crash. The epiphany occurs when he realizes that something much more serious may be happening on the island, and they are all stranded in a very dangerous place. Jack Shepherd is the hero of the pilot episode. He confronts danger, takes charge, and begins to make decisions for the group. He does not let destiny control him. He seeks a solution to the problem, becoming a proactive leader. The author uses his presentation of Jack to show that he is a dynamic and round character who has caught the viewers’ attention, enticing them to tune in next week. Works Cited â€Å"Pilot Episode. † Lost. Abrams, Lieber, Lindelof. ABC. New York. 22 September 2004. Television.

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Anger by Linda Pastan Essay -- essays research papers

  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The Oxford English Dictionary defines the word anger, a noun physical affliction or pain; inflammatory state of any part of the body. Then defines anger, a verb to distress, trouble, vex, hurt, wound. In Linda Pastan’s poem â€Å"Anger† the word anger takes the action of a noun. The word anger stands out for two reasons, the author chooses it for the title, and the only sentence with anger gives the poem meaning. In the beginning of the poem the word â€Å"it† gets used many times and we don’t know what â€Å"it† refers to until she actually states the word â€Å"anger,† then we realize the â€Å"it† referred to earlier means anger.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  She only uses the word â€Å"anger† once, â€Å"You whose anger is a pet dog† (pg717, line12). She chooses to finally use the word â€Å"anger† here to show the reader that the person she refers to and her ways of dealing with anger differ. The magnitude of her anger causes her to remain secretive, though she wants to tell him she knows it will only make things worse. The serious thing about her anger remains that we don’t know what causes these feelings. We only know what she states, â€Å"But mine is a rabid thing, sharpening its teeth on my very bones, and I will never let it go.† (pg717, lines14-16) This is important for two reasons, first, it is the point at which we see how the author views her anger and to what subjective nature it is relevant. Second, we come to know that her anger is also an adversary of hers, because som...

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Nursing Care

Nursing Diagnoses: (include 1 psychosocial)1. Impaired Gas Exchange related to thoracotomy as evidenced by O2 via NC, L side chest tube, Hx of asthma, Obesity, chest x-ray showing congestion and atelectasis in the left lower lobe, and SOB on exertion.2. Acute Pain related to surgical incision as evidenced by patients verbal report of pain (rated at a 10 on a scale from 1-10), positioning to avoid pain, elevated systolic blood pressure, facial grimace, decreased ambulation and movement to avoid pain.3. Impaired Skin Integrity related to a thoracotomy procedure as evidenced by a L lateral incision post Thoracotomy for resection of mediastinal cyst and report of pain in the affected area.4. Infection related to thoracotomy as evidenced by elevated WBC’s (17.8) and traumatized tissue from surgery.5. Knowledge deficient related to lack of exposure of surgical procedure recovery as evidenced by patient’s statement, â€Å"I did know I would be in the hospital this long† .Nursing Diagnosis # 1: Impaired Gas Exchange related to thoracotomy as evidenced by O2 via NC, L side chest tube, Hx of asthma, Obesity, chest x-ray showing congestion and atelectasis in the left lower lobe, and SOB on exertion.Goal: Pt. will have adequate oxygenation and absence of shortness of breath within 2 days.Interventions:1. Auscultate breath sounds every 4 hours and note adventitious sounds, note respiratory rate, depth, and use of accessary muscled. Encourage the use of the incentive spirometer and deep breathing exercises every hour, stressing the important role it plays in her progress.2. Review and compare chest x-rays once a day, review notes written in final report.3. Monitor Intake and Output every 2-4 hours4. Elevate the head of the bead every day to maintain open airway.5. Encourage deep breathing, coughing exercises, and the use of incentive spirometer every hour.Nursing Diagnosis # 2: Acute Pain related to surgical incision as evidenced by patients verbal report of pain (rated at a 10 on a scale from 1-10), positioning to avoid pain, elevated systolic blood pressure, facial grimace, decreased ambulation and movement to avoid pain.Goal: Pt. will verbalize pain is relieved within 30 minutes to an hour after analgesic administration.Interventions:1. Determine the severity, location, description, and possible pathophysiological causes of the pain every time you interact with the patient. (Use pain scale)2. Provide comfort measures every 2 hours to prevent aggravation of the pain; explore touch, repositioning, imagery, distraction, presence, or heat packs.3. Medicate as ordered with analgesics at scheduled times to maintain patient’s pain goal. Use timely interventions every time you interact with the patient and asses pain to be successful in alleviating pain. Notify physician if regimen is inadequate to meet patients control goal.4. Evaluate the client’s response to analgesia an hour after administration.Nursing Diagnosis # 3: I mpaired Skin Integrity related to a thoracotomy procedure as evidenced by a L lateral incision post Thoracotomy for resection of mediastinal cystGoal: Pt. will display timely healing of surgical wound by discharge.Interventions:1. Note the incision for color and texture including observations of any bleeding or discharge every 4 hours.2. Inspect the surrounding skin for erythema, induration, and maceration every 4 hours.3. Use appropriate barrier dressings every day as ordered.4. Keep incision clean and dry and prevent infection by hand washing and standard precaution every time you come in contact with the wound.

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The Necessity of Personal Responsibility Essay - 1188 Words

Personal responsibility may be perceived in many ways, but it is imperative to understand the relevance of why it must begin with our self. First, one will never develop an attitude of responsibility if they always look for others to complete their task. It is a necessity that one has personal discipline or their efforts to be responsible will prove to be fruitless. Second, being responsible yields great rewards and acting responsible is a clear sign of maturity. A responsible individual looks to no one but self and no matter what the outcome; they are willing to stand by their decisions. (Maltby 2009), â€Å"Personal responsibility is concerned with people taking individual accountability for their decisions and actions, together with†¦show more content†¦Personal responsibility may yield many rewards. For example, Mary’s entry level position at Trump Towers was administrative assistant. During a period of one year, Mary validated her worth by working overt ime and always volunteering to help with other projects. As Mary continued to flourish in completing her assignments, she was elevated from administrative assistant to executive director of the accounting department. There are many levels of maturity, but maturity is a process that students develop over a period of time. Consequently, the student that matures quickly is likely to initiate an educational plan that will increase their academic success. One preliminary plan that a student can design to achieve academic success is goal setting. Goal setting allows the student to define their academic goals and to devise a plan that will accommodate their collegiate career. â€Å"One way to make goals effective is to examine them up close.† (Ellis, p. 70,2011) Prior to this point we established several factors to confirm the necessity of personal responsibility, but here we will interject effective strategies that a student must use to generate success in their chosen field of study. Research and observation reveals that the most successful students are accountable, but also have a strong determination to apply practical concepts to achieve their academic goals. The successful student operates in congruence between faculty andShow MoreRelatedSample Resume : My Supervisory Meetings1178 Words   |  5 Pagesconfirmed that I am affective in my role as a crisis worker. Several of the clients have complemented and thanked me for my support and during their time of need. It is funny I my personal view of my abilities is much different than what my supervisor observes. Because of her complement and support I am gaining personal confidence. Behaviorally, I am learning to exhale and relax and learn, while I am at my practicum. This experience has solidified the need to stay current in my learning processRead MoreEssay The Things They Carried by Tim OBrien1509 Words   |  7 Pageswith love, tragedy and personal responsibility, giving details of what one carries, survives and ponders during events that take place out of our control. The Thing Things They Carried, by Tim O’Brien depicts human beings just like us that don’t get a choice of what happens around us but how to survive with the things we hold dear that help us make it through. It also shares with us the fear, risk and aftermath of the death of one of their men and the personal responsibility the narrator feels asRead MoreThe Economic State Of Affairs976 Words   |  4 Pageseconomic integration, and removal of barriers to business and trade and raised competition have increased the necessity of transportation. it s one in all the foremost vital infrastructure necessities, that is important for the enlargement of opportunities and plays a vital role in creating or breaking the competitive positioning. within the industrial lifetime of any country, the necessity for carrying Good from one place to a different can not be overemphasized. Also, Good ar to be stirred fromRead MoreA Lesson in Responsibility: â€Å"The Things They Carried† by Tim O’Brien1033 Words   |  5 Pagespeople might think of those things as burdens while others see them as a way out of reality or as something to push them forward, something to believe in. In â€Å"The Things They Carried† by Tim O’Brien, O’Brien portrays a captivating message of responsibility to his readers. Its moral explains how we sometimes let ourselves â€Å"out† of our problems, because we would like to be somewhere pleasant. The excerpt retrospect’s the war in Vietnam and illustrates the mentality and life of the foot soldiers thatRead MoreHow Can A College Student Not Be Stressed?1250 Words   |  5 Pagesgoing to school and working have a high chance of being unsuccessful due to stress, lack of sleep, and financial issues. The responsibilities of taking college courses is a big weight on its own, but taking on a job, doing homework, and balancing personal life on top of that can really push a student to their limits. The key to staying successful through all these responsibilities is to have a time management plan laid out and organized to prevent the student from stressing out and not using their timeRead MoreCommunicatio n Problems in Family Business1269 Words   |  6 Pages Communication Problems in the Family Business Abstract For family businesses, effective communication is an even more integral factor for successful business operations due to the peculiarity that personal (family) emotions frequently interfere with business decisions. Family businesses often have to struggle with conflicts among members of the organization, low managerial abilities, interfered daily business activities, and customer relationships that suffer from the lack of structureRead MoreCorporate Social Responsibility : Ethical Responsibility1529 Words   |  7 PagesCorporate Social Responsibility: Should we, or should we not. Corporate Social Responsibility (C.S.R.) is a theory practiced in the business sphere since fifty years. It refers to the duty of business organizations to adopt certain activities that will benefit the society in some way. Charity, health-awareness campaigns are few examples that a business undertakes to fulfil its objectives of C.S.R. According to this ideal, it is important for various corporations today to undertake such social activitiesRead MoreEthical And Legal Importance Of Social Responsibility1612 Words   |  7 Pages(1575)An Analysis of the Ethical and Legal Importance of Social Responsibility in Corporate Culture This business study will analyze the ethical and legal importance of social responsibility in corporate culture. Friedman (1970) defines the dangers of ‘social responsibility† as a threat to the individualism and profit motives of corporate executives that must serve the corporation before the larger society. More so, Friedman argues that the corporation is an â€Å"artificial person† that relies onRead MoreResponsabilites that are Required from an Individual Essay528 Words   |  3 Pagesparticular responsibilities such as promoting the welfare of the individual or protecting citizens from jeopardy toward the citizens who live in there. However, these responsibilities are not unilateral. In other words, as a member of community, although the citizens have a certain privileges, there are also liability that are required from citizens toward the state. There are three main responsibilities that are required from each individual to be a good citizen: Civic respon sibilities, culturalRead MorePoverty : A Very Frightening Scenario That Has Played Out Time Essay1406 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"poverty is an outcome not only of economic processes, but it is also an outcome of interacting economic, social, and political forces†. Equal opportunities for all citizen in Nigeria, regardless of gender, is an absolute necessity in order to provide peace, harmony and personal happiness and appreciation to offer the gift of life. These opportunities can only be achieved with honest, fair-minded leaders who are concerned with the daily lives of its citizens. These leaders must be willing to engage